How to Find Hotels New Zealand


People are always seeking for the best hospitality facilities they can take a break in. In New Zealand, the CPG group of hotels has won the title of the home of hospitality. With a geographical coverage of five cities in New Zealand with seven hotels, there is much to enjoy from CPG hotels.  It is a home for corporate tours where the managers and employees can meet for meals and discussions. Conference facilities are available in all the hotels.  The hotels are located in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Picton, and Rotorua.

They also have facilities for leisure making. If you want a place where you can enjoy yourself and taste hospitality of unequaled measure, visit the cop hotels in any of the locations. The CPG hotels offer cheap accommodation throughout. If you want a haven where you can enjoy comfort yet meet the bills with much ease, take a look at the CPG facilities.

They provide you with a chance to have a fancy weekend to one of the facilities for free. Each hotel has its unique set of gifts to enjoy. What you need to is to select one of the cities which you need to visit for the weekend. Like them on their hotel Facebook pages. You can share the competition post to any of the Facebook pages to get a double chance to win the weekend break.

If you are lucky to be the winner for the sponsored weekend in Auckland-grand Windsor hotel and the green lane suites, you enjoy the following. Two people domestic return flights will be yours.  You also get two airport transfers. The two of you will be entitled to night accommodation, breakfast, and wilderness experience. The close of the treat will be a whale and dolphin safari for the duo.

For the lucky winner to the Rotorua- Lake hotel and four canoes hotel, the package has the following.   The duo will enjoy domestic return flights, airport transfers, night accommodation, cultural tour, skyline gondola, and breakfast.

In Wellington, the Willis Wellington hotel offers you with a package for the two people. The package consists of domestic return flights, airport transfers, night accommodation, breakfast, dinner, Rover tours and New Zealand passes.

The Dunedin-wains hotel is an exemption place where you get Speight’s brewery tours and Cadbury world tours in addition to domestic return flights, airport transfers, night accommodation, breakfast, and dinner.

Lastly but not least, the Picton Yacht Club offers bike wine tours and Eko tours for the due in addition to the common accommodation and travel facilities.


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